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trolley bus interior
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Trolley Rental Indianapolis

When an Indy trolley bus comes riding by, no one in sight can ignore its exemplary features. Take part in the fabulous Indy trolley rental experience and enjoy all kinds of special events with your loved ones. The biggest advantage of a trolley rental is that it never gets old despite its antique resemblance. Every retro lover in Indianapolis will find in a trolley the perfect opportunity to show their true colors and good taste! Another relevant benefit of this service is that it is quite affordable compared to other venues of the same class. If you intend to rent a room with vintage conveniences, it may cost you a fortune. But if instead of hiring an old-fashioned place, you hire a well-maintained retro trolley bus? Let us tell you that choosing our Indy trolley rental is the right decision if you want to impress.

There are thousands of conveyance methods in Indianapolis, IN, but some are more special than others. Our Indy trolley rental shows how wonderful an elegant affair can be if you hire one. Think of a wedding day as an example; there is no more romantic scene to enjoy than a classic ride on a trolley. Complete the experience with a delightful wine tour through the best wineries in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Are you friends with the good wine? You can't miss the opportunity to relish a wine tour on board your trolley rental. Remember that you'll have to bring your own beverages and booze to your rental. But don't worry if you haven't bought drinks for your guests, you can ask the driver to stop in the next liquor store to stock your party.

wedding day on a bus
Perfect trolley rental

For your wedding party

Regarding wedding transportation, there are only a few options that can match a trolley rental. Depending on your taste, you can hire a modern vehicle or a forever classic trolley to ensure your guests have so much fun! A trolley rental is the perfect fit for a group of 40 passengers. If you finally decide to enjoy your wedding day with friends and family, an Indy trolley rental will be perfect for the drop-off at the ceremony. You can even choose our trolley rental for your bridal party, just make sure to don't tell your partner. For a complete experience of luxury and relaxation, check out our other services such as party buses, limo rentals, charter buses, and minibus rentals!

Our Indy trolley rental is a fantastic option to play your parties in a different place. Are you worried that your party won't live up to the expectations? Our luxury transportation services guarantee that any moment, regardless of the type, will satisfy the participants. Some preferred parties in Indianapolis are birthday parties, city sightseeing, and bachelorette parties. As experts in special occasions, we know that the place to celebrate is as important as the amenities, so every feature inside the vehicle will be in top condition. We create the perfect atmosphere to ensure your next event feels fresh and everlasting.

The wonders of a trolley

Apart from the incredible special occasions you can experience on an Indy trolley service, we offer rides to specific destinations in the city. Hire our Indy trolley rentals to travel to the most exciting wine tour venues in Indianapolis just to continue with a party afterward. Your next wedding party will only be the first excuse to start a trolley rental ride through the well-known touristic places in Indianapolis, IN. An Indy trolley bus guarantees a pleasing guest cocktail hour where you can let loose without worrying about driving. Let our professional trolley drivers handle the rest.

After a deep description of our Indy trolley service, we want you to command your party while we get in charge of the rest. Make your trips worthwhile until the end with all our great advantages. We start with affordable prices, and we finish with satisfied customers. Call us today to make your Indy trolley reservation; it's the season of hot rentals!