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Our pricing is based on a couple of factors, but before we get into them, we should let you know a few things about us. Indianapolis Party Bus understands that the people of Indianapolis are hard workers and deserve to have a night out on the town every now and again. How do we know this? It's simple. We are those workers. We know that people are already spending an arm and a leg for tickets to a sporting event or concert, so spending it on transportation is just a luxury.

One of the main ways to save money on a party bus is to have your friends and family chip in a few dollars for the ride. This will help subsidize the cost and evenly distribute the price to everybody, which makes it much more enjoyable in the long run.

Another thing to consider is the day and time of your party bus service. The most affordable day and time to rent a bus from Indianapolis Party Bus is on a Sunday afternoon, with the most expensive time being Saturday evening. So, if possible, try scheduling your party bus service for a time other than Saturday night, and you are sure to save money.

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